Welcome to the Underhill House

Underhill’s theme, Agape, means love. At this house, youth experience the fullness of love through interdependent community.

They rely on their mentor and one another for support.

House Mentor

Coming Soon

We are currently accepting applications for house mentors at the Underhill houses! Contact us if you’re interested!

Youth in this house have obtained living wage employment and moved into apartments of their own!

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House Details

Launched in 2017

The fourth, fifth, and eighth 3:11 house to be launched.

Space for 6 Youth

Each youth has their own room.

1 Mentor

Accepting Applications Now

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These are people trying to help you. And your roommate has been in the same situation. You have someone you can relate to, someone to talk to.


I really celebrated getting into my own place after 3:11!


Now it’s up to me to push forward on this. How can I eventually have my own housing? How can I eventually have my own transportation? This isn’t just something that you live off of, this is something that you grow and build yourself off of.


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House Needs

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  • Meals

    Each week, youth and mentors gather for a family meal. This is a time for celebrating successes, working through concerns, and sharing life together. If cooking is your gifting and you’re interested in providing meals please let us know!

  • Mattresses

    Every young person who moves into a 3:11 house receives a mattress of their own and can take that mattress with them when they move out. This includes a full-size mattress, a full-size boxspring, a full-size bed frame, and delivery.

  • Welcome Baskets

    Whenever a new youth moves into a 3:11 home, they receive a welcome basket full of essential items like sheets and hygiene products.

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