Welcome to the Madison House

Madison’s theme, Radix, means root. At this house, youth experience the rootedness and stability of a place to call home.

Meet our House Mentor

Ja-Quari Moore-Bass

Ja-Quari Moore-Bass became a mentor in 2017 in our partnership house with Mel Trotter. Ja-Quari has been a part of 3:11 since the beginning and helped co-found the organization. After experiencing homelessness himself, Ja-Quari decided that he wanted to give back and pour into the lives of other young people in similar situations. Youth in Ja-Quari’s house have found steady and living wage employment found stability at home and launched themselves into their own housing. Ja-Quari is passionate about walking with youth no matter where they are.

Ja-Quari Moore-Bass

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House Details

Launched in 2017

The fourth 3:11 house to be launched.

Space for 4 Youth

Each youth has their own room.

1 Mentor

Ja-Quari Moore-Bass

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I enjoy being a house mentor because of the real community. Because of being able to see things in life from yet another angle.

Ja-Quari Moore-BassHouse Mentor

The people you meet and just having a place to live is the best thing about 3:11.


Being at the house mentor retreat is a great experience. Just being able to spend time with other mentors and talk about our homes is great.

Ja-Quari Moore-BassHouse Mentor

“At 3:11, you’re family. And we’ll always do what we can. That’s what family’s for.

Ja-Quari Moore-BassHouse Mentor

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House Needs

  • Meals

    Each week, youth and mentors gather for a family meal. This is a time for celebrating successes, working through concerns, and sharing life together. If cooking is your gifting and you’re interested in providing meals please let us know!

  • Mattresses

    Every young person who moves into a 3:11 house receives a mattress of their own and can take that mattress with them when they move out. This includes a full-size mattress, a full-size boxspring, a full-size bed frame, and delivery.

  • Welcome Baskets

    Whenever a new youth moves into a 3:11 home, they receive a welcome basket full of essential items like sheets and hygiene products.