Welcome to the Cherry House

Cherry’s theme, Barruk Haaba, means welcome. At this house all are welcome and are welcomed as they are.

Meet our House Mentors

Reuben & Michelle Ndjerareou

Reuben & Michelle Njderareou are founding mentors and began in 2016. Reuben and Michelle came to 3:11 through conversation and connection, because of the concept of family. Reouhidi Reuben Ndjerareou is originally from N’djamena, Tchad in Central Africa. Michelle Cross Ndjerarou is from a sleepy little town in Wisconsin, and their daughter, Reouniah, joined their family in 2016. Youth in their home have obtained and maintained employment, learned how to resolve roommate conflicts, followed goals towards higher education and even purchased their own home. Amazing!

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House Details

Launched in 2016

The second 3:11 house to be launched.

Space for 4 Youth

Each youth has their own room.

2 Mentors

Reuben & Michelle Ndjerareou

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I joined 3:11 in the summer of 2016 and they gave me a room to stay. After my family and friends refused or didn’t have a place to give me, I contacted them and they gave me a place to stay, to sleep.

The main thing I picked up from them, is being responsible not just for myself, but for helping others too.

They told me that communication helps me open new doors, new job opportunities, new schooling opportunities.

Just being accountable for who I am, my actions, is what’s made me who I am.

I can freely talk to them about anything. we talk, we laugh, and we have the deepest conversations about who we are as people. Being able to talk to them is just phenomenal.

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  • BARUKH HAABA Mentor’s

  • Meals

    Each week, youth and mentors gather for a family meal. This is a time for celebrating successes, working through concerns, and sharing life together. If cooking is your gifting and you’re interested in providing meals please let us know!

  • Mattresses

    Every young person who moves into a 3:11 house receives a mattress of their own and can take that mattress with them when they move out. This includes a full-size mattress, a full-size boxspring, a full-size bed frame, and delivery.

  • Welcome Baskets

    Whenever a new youth moves into a 3:11 home, they receive a welcome basket full of essential items like sheets and hygiene products.