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Since 2012, 3:11 Youth Housing has been providing housing

to young people, ages 18 to 24, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Housing Structure

Each 3:11 home has space for 3 to 4 youth and a mentor or mentor couple. Youth live in their own apartment and sign leases, fostering ownership of the property and teaching important life skills. Youth pay $250 per month in rent, $50 is saved toward their first month’s rent and security deposit when they move out, $50 pays for utilities, and $150 helps defray the costs of operating the homes. You receive at least the first month free, as they work to stabilize, find employment and get on their feet.

Mentors foster a safe and stable environment, connecting with youth as they pursue their goals and move toward their future. Mentors are often the first interaction a young person has when something goes wrong when they want to quit their job or can’t pay rent. Mentors have the opportunity to say, “Tell me more about what’s going on. What if you talk to your boss? Can you keep your job for a little while longer until you find a new one? What are your true employment goals?” It’s through these conversations that young people begin to believe in and pursue a different future for themselves. It’s in these conversations that young people begin to hope again.

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