Our Process


We develop safe, affordable housing for young people (ages 18-24) and partner in their transition to healthy interdependence. We currently have one duplex on the southwest side of Grand Rapids that houses 4 young people at a time, along with mentors. Youth pay $100-$200 per month in rent; 25% is saved towards their first month’s rent and security deposit after 3:11.

Community building

Youth enter a house and become a part of a community like none other. Youth receive immediate support and encouragement through an environment where they are known and their basic needs are met. Community is built through weekly house dinners, birthday celebrations, and time together during the holidays.

Youth Advocacy

We partner with community organizations to provide youth advocacy/case management services to 3:11 youth. Each young person sets short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals, and works to achieve these goals with their youth advocate, house mentors, and supportive networks. Educational barriers are broken down as youth obtain high school diplomas, GEDs, and attend college. Employment barriers are decreased as supportive employers partner to hire youth and train them in vocational sectors. Authentic life skills training occurs within the context of real-life situations and creates opportunities for growth.