Who are the Brick Layers?

Brick Layers contribute to the foundation of 3:11. Brick Layers want to be a part of something bigger than themselves; they want to see the impact of sustained giving over the long term. They realize that for more young people to find housing and community at 3:11, planned giving is essential. Brick Layers want to build firm foundations in the lives of our current youth and in the lives of the youth to come. 

Brick Layers are the faithful givers of 3:11. The people who know that investing in the life of a young person, for the long term, is what creates true life transformation. Since we work to build a firm foundation in the lives of youth, we know that we need many people to help lay the bricks. We consider everyone who gives consistently to 3:11 a Brick Layer. When we build a house, there are many jobs and many people will carry different loads - but we’re all working together towards one goal; housing more young people as a family.

Monthly giving allows us to plan better and allocate funding in advance. It allows us to tell a young person that we can help them with a security deposit, or that we will definitely have a room for them because our Brick Layers have made sure that we have resources available.

Any monthly amount, big or small, helps us plan for our future. Whether you choose to give $5 or $5,000 we want you to be a part of building solid foundations with our young people. We want you to become a brick layer. How much should you give? Honestly, any amount helps us maintain our work and build towards future growth, but if you're looking for some guidance, here are some numbers.

How much should I give to become a Brick Layer?


bricklayer donation amounts.png