Changing Lives Through Relationships

A.Y.A. Youth Collective envisions a community where every youth has access to a place where they belong and stable housing as a foundation for their future. We have a drop-in center for youth age 14-24 who are experiencing unsafe/unstable housing and housing units for youth age 18-24.

Drop-In hours:
Monday through Friday at noon, 1:30pm and 3pm by appointment.  Call 616-406-3945 to schedule yours today!

To look into housing options, please call 616-406-3945 to talk to a youth Advocate or schedule an appointment to learn more about about your housing options.

3:11 - Circles of Support



Housing is the foundation of what we do. We have a vision for a community where all youth have a place to call home.  We provide safe and affordable housing with on-site mentors in their duplex.


Youth enter a home and become a part of a community. Through reciprocal relationships our youth develop circles of support with both mentors and fellow youth, empowering each other to flourish.


Our ultimate goal is for our youth to find stability. When a youth is ready to leave a 3:11 house, they graduate to become alumni. Through their circles of support, youths are able to maintain employment, move into independent housing, and pursue their dreams.

How 3:11 Got It’s Start

Jonathan and Lauren VanKeulen started 3:11 in January of 2012 after a young man from their youth group approached them about his struggle with homelessness. In partnership with two young people from the youth group, they began researching and developing a program model that would work best for youth experiencing homelessness in the city. Youth Housing was formed directly from youth input and best practices across the country to become what it is today.



“We believe home should be a place to ‘press pause’ on all the demands, pressures, and business of being an adult. Therefore, we try to facilitate our home to be a place of rest and nourishment.”

“Now it’s up to me to push forward on this. How can I eventually have my own housing? How can I eventually have my own transportation? This isn’t just something that you live off of, this is something that you grow and build yourself off of.”

“I can freely talk to them about anything. we talk, we laugh, and we have the deepest conversations about who we are as people. Being able to talk to them is just phenomenal.”

“I joined 3:11 in the summer of 2016 and they gave me a room to stay. After my family and friends refused or didn’t have a place to give me, I contacted them and they gave me a place to stay, to sleep.”

“I give youth the respect to proving to me that they are able to handle living together and being independent. However, if there are any issues/concerns they know I have an open door policy.”

Our partners

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