3:11 Youth Housing develops safe and affordable housing for youth experiencing homelessness.

3:11 Basics

Find a Life, Build A Future

3:11 Youth Housing exists to bridge the gap between homelessness and interdependence. Building a firm foundation only occurs when providers and young people work in tandem to create opportunities for growth and change. The youth who enter our house are incredibly talented, resilient, and motivated people who desire stability and a supportive network. The young people who engage with 3:11 have great potential; they need invested people and relationships for true transformation.

Youth Homelessness


over 2,000

young people experience homelessness in Kent County each year.

over 80

young people are experiencing homelessness on any given night in Kent County.

Check Out What

Makes 3:11 Different


Safe, stable housing is a key foundation to any life endeavor.


Rent is affordable to keep youth off the streets.


Giving guidance to interdependence.


Communal meals, building a community of support.


Part of the rent money goes into a savings account.

How 3:11

Got It’s Start

In January of 2012, a young man from their church youth group approached Jonathan and Lauren VanKeulen about opening a housing program in the city of Grand Rapids. Lauren and Jon had been praying that God would clearly show them the path for their next steps and had considered opening a housing program to respond to the need they had been seeing. When they heard from this youth, they couldn’t argue. Thus began 3:11 Youth Housing. In partnership with two youth from the youth group, the foursome began researching and developing a program model that would work best for youth experiencing homelessness in the city. 3:11 Youth Housing was formed directly from youth input and best practices across the country to become what it is today.

What 3:11

Has Achieved






Their Stories

“We believe home should be a place to ‘press pause’ on all the demands, pressures, and business of being an adult. Therefore, we try to facilitate our home to be a place of rest and nourishment.”


“Now it’s up to me to push forward on this. How can I eventually have my own housing? How can I eventually have my own transportation? This isn’t just something that you live off of, this is something that you grow and build yourself off of.”


“I can freely talk to them about anything. we talk, we laugh, and we have the deepest conversations about who we are as people. Being able to talk to them is just phenomenal.”


“I joined 3:11 in the summer of 2016 and they gave me a room to stay. After my family and friends refused or didn’t have a place to give me, I contacted them and they gave me a place to stay, to sleep.”


“I give youth the respect to proving to me that they are able to handle living together and being independent. However, if there are any issues/concerns they know I have an open door policy.”


Our partners

Working Together, Creating Futures